2 Quick and Easy Ways To Improve Google Chrome’s Performance

Over the years the Google Chrome browser has developed a reputation for being a really great browser with terrible performance. If you have ever used Google Chrome you know exactly what we mean. Especially if you are the type of user who tends to have several tabs open at the same time.

Google recognized this was a big problem and addressed it by releasing the Chrome 57 update in early 2017.

The Chrome 57 update included a new tab-throttling method that was designed to reduce the amount of power being consumed when you have multiple tabs open. And while this update has indeed helped many Chrome users improve battery life and performance, there are still a few other things you can do to improve performance even further.

Get Rid Of Offending Tabs and Extensions

Even though the Chrome 57 update was designed so you no longer have to worry about how many tabs you have open, you should still avoid having unnecessary tabs and extensions running in the background.

Before you start closing tabs take a few seconds to look at Chrome’s built in task manager. The task manager will show you which tabs are using the most resources.

To open the task manager click on the triple dot menu located in the upper right hand corner of the browser. Scroll down to “more tools” and then select the task manager.

The task manager will show you all the tabs and extensions currently running on your system. To get rid of a tab that is hogging up too many resources, simply highlight the tab and click the “end process” button in the lower bottom right of the task manager.

Reset Chrome

Sometimes no matter what you do it will seem like your system is still running slow. If you run into this problem simply hit the reset button and start from scratch. When you reset Chrome the browser will return to the default settings.

But don’t worry, when you reset your browser Chrome doesn’t get rid of absolutely everything. Things such as your bookmarks, browsing history and any passwords you have saved will not get deleted.

The main things that will get reset will be your start page, pinned tabs, the default search engine (if it isn’t currently Google) and the new tab page.

The reset option is located under the advanced settings tab. You can get there by clicking on settings and then scrolling down until you see the advanced settings tab.

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